New Policy Allows Foreigners To Work After Graduation

work in china after graduation
An official note by the Chinese Government declares that some international graduates can work in China directly after graduation.
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The note which was published on the 12. January 2017 allows international graduates to receive an intern or a working visa if they:
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Graduated within a year with a Master Degree or higher in China or a well-known university abroad.

To be able to work in China you must also fulfill these 6 requirements:[spacer height=”20px”]

1. 18 years or older, in good health and no criminal record.

2. Average grade of at least 80% (B or higher)

3. Have a relevant degree or education certificate.

4. Have a job confirmation (needs to match your major)

5. A higher salary than locals

6. Have a passport or equivalent travel document.

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Qualified international students at Chinese universities will be granted work permits and employment licenses. Qualified students at foreign universities will first be granted work permits, followed by an employment license after arriving in China and obtaining a work visa.
Employment licenses for foreign graduates are valid for one year upon first arrival, with subsequent licenses being valid for up to five years at a time.
See the official note by the Government 

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